The play "Daughters of Elempe" has its thematic structure around the struggles women face in society such as gender inequality, women's inclusion in politics, genital mutilation and domestic and sexual abuse. Elempe, the setting of the play, is a microcosm of our dear nation- Nigeria. The lead character, Segilola challenges the status quo by taking part in a fight for the throne. She is the light bearer through which the paths of the daughters of Elempe are brightened. Daughter of Elempe is a call for every woman who has been told she's not enough, who has been told to lower her standard for men, abused, mutilated… This is beyond a stage play, it is a movement. The play had over 2000 audiences with heart-warming reviews and countless plea to bring it back on stage.

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Arts And Entertainment University of Lagos Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Daughters of Elempe

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