Frequently Asked Questions

What is processing fee?

We charge organizers a flat rate of 3.5% + N200 for every transaction and is capped at ₦400,000.00 i.e you'll not pay more than ₦400,000.00 for any transaction. This fee is applied on only events with paid tickets and it includes our debit/credit card processor fee.

Are there additional charges for free events?

No! Free events with free tickets only are completely free. The processing fee applies on paid tickets only.

Can i make my attendees pay the processing fee?

Yes! You can set this under fee settings while creating/editing an event by selecting "Pass On" fees. This would make your attendees pay the processing alongside ticket fee.

How do i get payments?

You can request payout anytime (after verifying your identity and event) by clicking on "Request Payout" in your organizer's dashboard. You'll need to set your bank account details first. Transfers would be made directly to your Nigerian bank account in within 12hours and each payout request costs ₦52.00, regardless of how much you are requesting.. Without verification, payouts can only be requested 12hours after your event has passed.

Can I create a create a private event?

Yes! You can either set your event as private or public while creating it.

Can I create a custom link for my event

Yes! You can set this while creating an event.