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Nigeria is broke, let's face the reality...

It is no longer news to state that now, more than ever, the world is ultra global. Education, Commerce, and other human activities are now carried out majorly via the internet and so far, experts have no reason(s) to believe that this new trend will change anytime soon what with its many benefits including, but not limited to, flexibility; efficiency and effectiveness.

It is essential to reiterate that communication offers the exclusive means of expressing our thoughts, emotions, and ideas; Therefore, if an entity, individual or otherwise, must survive; it must have perfect communication skills at its disposal.

Moving on, communication(according to Wikipedia) is a structured system of communication used by humans. Indeed, the English language; of all the languages known, is the most widely used. Statistically speaking, the English language; according to the wiki, has over 1.1 billion native and second-language users worldwide out of about 7.8 billion people in the world. By implication, on average; one out of seven people in a place at any given time is a user of the English language.

Having said these, As a panacea for extreme poverty prevalent in Nigeria, Digital skills acquisition, as well as freelancing, could be the way out, and the potency of this is further supported by the fact that many Nigerians are now averaging a thousand dollars every month doing freelancing jobs on freelancing platforms such as; UpWork, Fiverr and the likes.

Sadly, many Nigerians are unable to tap into this opportunity as a result of their ineptitude. Statistics apart, an average Nigerian has just a fair knowledge of the use of the English language, has little or no technical ICT skills, is not financially literate, and knows next to nothing about the world economy.

Generally speaking, the best-proven way of solving problems is tackling them one at a time; in the light of this, I am here to tackle the problem of poor English language usage.

As it stands, many concerned individuals in the past have made efforts to address the issue of poor English language usage, which is now an abnormal norm, in Nigeria; but, an important aspect of the English language; the oracy aspect, has been given less attention over its counterpart; the literacy aspect. As a result, I have decided to address this issue.

By the way, what is meant by the oracy and the literacy skill?
Oracy, According to the Cambridge Dictionary, is the ability to speak clearly and grammatically correctly while Literacy, according to the collins dictionary is the ability to read and write.

From the foregoing, it's safe to say that the dearth of English language skill, particularly the oracy skill, is the major reason Nigerians find it hard to work globally, as multinational companies require an internationally-competent workforce to work in the competitive and volatile business environment.

Also, many Nigerians have been caught off-guard countless times in the past when their mediocre English language usage proficiency is nothing to write home about.
To completely resolve this nagging issue, I have been motivated to organize an online class exclusively for improving the spoken English usage of Nigerians.

Who should register for this program?
Any Nigerian willing to upgrade their spoken English skill from the mediocre state it is to the standard level it's meant to be.

At least 13
Subsidized rate?
#5000 only

Registration window?
Mon. 11th of Jan. 2021 - Fri. 5th of Feb. 2021

The class runs from Sat. 6th of Feb. 2021 through Sat. 6th of march 2021.


9 a.m

Macbooks, iPhones, and cash prices are up for grab, Stay tuned for updates.
 About the tutor
Can we meet you: my name's Olalekan Abeeb Azeez, a Native of Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo state. I'm in my mid-twenties and my parents are Mr. Rafiu Adekola Azeez and Mrs. Bolanle Sherifat Azeez, who are also  Ibadan Natives.

Academic Journey
I attended the prestigious sunshine kiddies college, Oke-Bola, Ibadan where enjoyed one of the best primary Education at the time. I had a two-year stint at Asegun Comprehensive High School Asolo, Ibadan before transferring to Adura International Model College, Jegede olunloyo, Ibadan,  where I sat for and passed both the JSCE and SSCE. 
I furthered my academic sojourn at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta graduating with a National Diploma in Accounting. I am currently a first-class penultimate undergraduate at the Department of Economics, University of Ilorin.

Academic Prowess
I feel I'm born to acquire and apply knowledge. I've never struggled academically; in fact, I am almost always the brightest student in the class. I didn't know this was hereditary until during my High School days when my father told me he once got a scholarship to study overseas but was unable to proceed due to financial incapacitation, and my mummy claimed to never have clinched lower than the first position throughout her secondary school education(form one to five), who between them contributes more to my amazing academic capability remains a mystery.

Why English Language
I'm sure many will wonder why I'm organizing an English class when I'm majoring in Economics. Am I not supposed to be a  maths natural? Well, I've come to understand how interesting mathematics can be; however, before I ever felt the need to improve my mathematical knowledge, I was already a distance ahead in English because right from my primary school, storybooks;  subtitles, and other word-filled documents have fascinated me. Besides, I'm an all-rounder who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge in General.

Why spoken English
As I've mentioned earlier I've always been a bright student; but, one of the very few times I've felt dull in my life was during high school when My family and I visited a family friend who had just returned from the UK with her son who's my brother's age-mate. Apartment from physical superiority, this guy's accent's changed tremendously as he pronounced towel as taol. Then and there, I knew I had to improve my spoken English skill.

Why Now
Poverty is prevalent in Nigeria and one of the means of alleviating poverty is to acquire international skills. Indeed, these days; Nigerians are working internationally from the comfort of their homes while many others, as a result of their ineptitude, are not able to tap into this opportunity. So, I feel now is the right time to do this. This is just an example as there are numerous other situations where an oracy skill upgrade is required.

1.A five-year experience in the study of the standard English language as a means of communication.
2. A year-long experience as an English teacher at Precious. International Model College, idi-ose, Ibadan.
3. I've always been fascinated by sounds, words, and figures.

Best graduating student, Adura International Model college.   2013
Abdul-Kabir Aliu foundation scholarship beneficiary.                                   2019

Disclaimer: I'm an individual who knows very little relative to what he needs to know but who believes he knows better than the average Nigerian when it comes to English language usage; therefore, do not think this will miraculously improve your oracy skill Overnight or expect to become a pro by just attending and doing nothing afterward. Although, most, if not all, of the rudiments of oral English, will be covered.


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