Attendees will walk away with an enhanced understanding of:

1. H-1B Pre-Registration Rule: What Is It And How To Comply With It?
2. H-1B Trends: What To Expect In FY 2024 H-1B Cap Filing?
3. H-1B Cap Filing Timeline: How To Improve The Chances of H-1B Lottery Selection?
4. DOL Wage Level 1: Does It Still Work?
5. How To Prove Employer-Employee Relationship?
6. H-1B Cap Filing For Students On F-1 OPT
7. How A Small Company Can Apply For H-1B Visas
8. How To Avoid An H-1B RFE: Lessons From H-1B 2022 RFEs
9. Strategic Drafting Of The Job Description
10. How To Write A Strong H-1B Support Letter
11. H-1B Visa Processing At U.S. Consulates
12. Typical Case Scenarios

PLUS: Q&A With The Immigration Lawyer

This Webinar will show you how to effectively plan and successfully accomplish your FY 2024 H-1B Cap filings.

Ms. Ancy Varghese, a U.S. Immigration Attorney, will provide practical solutions, suggestions, and typical case scenarios for securing H-1B visas successfully.

With 15+ years in practicing immigration law, Ms. Varghese has experienced almost every business immigration issue. An aggressive practitioner, she provides expert immigration opinions and regularly advises clients ranging from multinational executives to treaty investors, researchers & scientists, software professionals, NAFTA professionals, as well as athletes, artists, entertainers and fashion models.

The H-1B Cap 2023 presents twin challenges to employers – filing H-1B registrations in time to get selected in the H-1B lottery, and filing strong H-1B petitions to ensure successful approvals. This webinar will help you get a head start with H-1B Cap 2023 registration procedures, filing preparation and help increase the chances of lottery selection and approvals.

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H1B Cap 2023 Fillings: Tips and Success Strategies

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