Hitting The Bull's Eye - A Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing Master Class.

Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Nigeria
09:00am - Saturday, 25th May, 2019
Facebook Ad Masterclass: Discover How This One Key Ingredient Known By 
A Select Few, Can Make All The Difference In Your Business Using FB Ads.

Step-by-Step training shows how savvy marketers drive truckloads of 
profitable traffic from Facebook every month--Growing a list of repeat 
customers and making more money in their business.

This is a watch-over-my-shoulder training that shows a brand new way 
of looking at social media and profiting off the biggest social 
network in the world right now.

It is a complete newbie friendly training and packed with gems and 
techniques for intermediate and veterans alike.
This training will arm you with pre-requisite knowledge to become a 
social media master.

This is not a "Flash-In-The-Pan" type of stuff that you try and try, 
but they either don't work for you at all or work once, and then never 
work again.

This is not your usual average training you will find out there. This 
is doing social media ads like a pro and getting results you can take 
to the bank.

There is nothing more frustrating than investing into a course, 
learning it back to back, taking action and then...waiting! But alas, 
no results!

You are going to learn the #1 thing which is KEY in making social 
media ads work for your business right now. Get this right, and enjoy 
profitable ad campaigns over and over again. Miss it, and have your ad 
budget sink down the drain with little to no results to show for it.

This sneaky little trick is right under your nose...

You see it every single day...You see it all around you...ON YOUR 

The power of this little-known technique is absolutely amazing and 
mastering it is how marketing gurus make 6-7 figures a year from 

This Training Has Been Designed From The Ground Up To Deliver Massive 
Value To Both Newbies & Veterans.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

* Using effective creatives that grab attention

* How to move traffic from cold to warm that converts

* How to optimize any campaign for maximum performance

* How to do proper audience targeting

* Discover how to lower your ad cost and get better performance at the 
same time.

* Learn how to be in compliance with Facebook, keep the compliance 
team happy and off your back, and prevent your account from getting banned.

...and lots more!

Also cool bonuses available for every participant too.

Who Can Attend!
Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Brand strategists, Marketers, Social 
media managers, Social influencers, bloggers, and anyone who wants to 
benefit from social media traffic.

Spaces are Limited! Register now!!

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Hitting The Bull's Eye - A Do-It-Yourself Digital Marketing Master Class.

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