Get ready for everything ‘LIT’ this January with the baddest Hypemen, Artists and DJs in Mushin city

HYPEFEST 1.0 is the First of its kind happening live in the city of Mushin... Its an  events that feature headline acts performing live, special acts, pristine sound, world-class vibe with the hottest Djs and Artists.....

Performances by Talk and Do(one of the baddest Hypeman of this time), Ot Banky(another vibe master turning it all up),  Mailer Vibes, Hypemanbampzy, L'a Kush, Eddy K, Kizzy, Prinzelee, Seyone,Goodyboy and lots more..........

Unlimited Turn up from some of the baddest Djs of our time.... we got Wf_Dj_Pays(HOST), Dj Timex, Dj Sage, Dj Damson and lots more...........

Get ready for an immersive experiences, exotic cuisine and much more.........

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