With its birth in the 16th century, the oratorio has witnessed several transformations from being the kind of musical service held only in the church of the Oratory of St Philip Neri in Rome to secular oratorio. With dominance in Europe, Oratorio is enjoyed by both old and young regardless of culture.
Thanks to the first African to write a complete oratorio – Eche Uchenna Israel. In his quest for knowledge and excellence, he broke several records to become the first writer to study deeply and write on the Biblical character David, and he is African and a Nigerian. Come October 3rd,2021, the dominance of this type of work will be shaken to the root with the premiere of the first African written Oratorio – David.
The Oratorio; “David” is a close study of the life of the biblical person of David, rising to prominence and staying relevant even years after his death. You’ll agree such a person’s life is worth studying as there are definitely attributes worth emulating.

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Maiden Performance of the Oratorio
Music UNILAG Main Hall

Maiden Performance of the Oratorio "DAVID"

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