Whether you are a student, job-seeker, a business owner, or even an employee, REDOXCORP MIB is specially designed to help you earn extra income from wherever you are, without having to deal with all the hassles associated with starting a business in Nigeria, The Best Part… ZERO CAPITAL.

This Event is designed to engage startups, young entrepuneurs and business owners into the  business of  supply chain and distribution with zero capital. Redoxcorp in collaboration a with a finance house will be launching the platform on Its inauguration of her maiden event MIB zero.

This training and conference entails

• Detailed training on the acts of Procurement

• Financing your supply chain business with zero capital

• Using affordable logistics network to effect 100% profit sale on large volume of customers.

All participants will benefit;

• Redoxcorp MIB zero membership

• Free access to Procurement network

• Guaranteed access to credit

• Access to Finance your supply chain industry with zero requirements

MibZero program will comprise of training sessions on standard guidelines to procurement and supply chain in the digital world,

There will be panel session where we hope to engage professionals in the industry from financiers, supply professionals, Top brands.

This is program is 100% guaranteed value return.

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    -1 month membership -access to 1 training -procure within China only



    -3 months membership -access to 3 trainings -Automatic access to finance -procure within Asia -one on one training



    -6 Months membership -access to 10 trainings -Automatic access to finance -Global procurement -personal Business coach


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